EUROTRIP!!! travel blog

Most important and exciting thing I did here is buy a jumper!!!! H n M...10 euro it will do for now. I had to go to the Dr with Laura on the first day and we have both been fighting nasty coughs and the like. He loaded me up with meds and I went to sleep for the rest of the day/night.

Day 2 I emerged from my cave and walked to buy a bread roll! What a traveler. The fresh air did me well actually as I was much better from then on. Jane and I bought some nice soup, I got pumpkin she got vegetable. We went for a quick (emphasis on the quick) walk through the red light district just to see what it was all about...not really any of our cup of tea so ducked down an alley, icecream and lollies sounded much better to us!

We had some really nice roomate from Detroit in America. Their names were Vicky and Aaron and they went to the Anne Frank house with Nitz and Lau.

From what I did see, Amsterdam is a nice place with its canals everywhere but the smell of weeds if deffinaltey in the air.

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