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15 hours sitting on a bus. Who wouldn't be excited! They're actually quite a good oppourtunity to catch up on sleep as this is no holiday. Travelling is hard work! We are go, go, go the whole time, trying to jam pack in as much as possible on our tight schedule. Paris was certainly no excpetion!

The three of us rented a petit appartment in Montmarte right near the Sacreacour. It was a quainte little area with lots of rambling streets and boutiques (laura had some fun in them).

We've discovered a really good and economical way of seeing the cities we arrive in, are by doing the free walking tours that are on offer. We did a 4 hour one in Paris and even though I was ready to carcate by the end of it we ticked all the major sites off in one go; Notre Damn, The Louvre, placa de concorde, champse lysses (excuse spelling). Paris was so much larger than I was expecting. Everything was very spread out and it was quite a flat city which I am not complainging about. The rain was on and off all day as with the rest of our stay in Paris, so I was quite happy that we'd pack a rain jacket. We had lunch at 4pm in a cafe in the back streets near the eiffel tower then raced home to get prepped for our big night at the Moulin Rouge.

Our appartment was a 10 minute stroll from the Moulin Rogue, so we met our babfs (busabout friends) and headed off. I was glad we had the two boys there as the area is renound for being quite seedy at the best of times. We posed for the classic pick out the front before heading inside. It is no where near what the movie makes it out to be! There were hundreds of tables on different levels with a main stage up the front. The six of us were lucky enough to get on a table together in the front row of the third level dead centre! The show was quite enertaining. Almsot reminded me of a circus show a bit.....There were shetland ponies, snakes, juggles, balancing men and of course the dancers. I was exhausted from our big day of walking so probs didnt appreciate it to its full extent but proud to say I can check it off my 'to do in life list'.

There were a few funky smells coming from our packs, so we decided it was time we made a trip to the laverine (aka laundry). We chucked it all in then went for some solo strolls. I went off with the mission of buying a jumper.....I didn't :( so after picking up our laundry I had a little kip while lau and nitz went out into the vast unknown. I later met Laura at a chocolate shop called Angelina. They're famous for their hot chocolate and I'm afraid to say 8 euro later I was let down.....too rich for me, but the experiance was nice, very ritzy indeed. I also got a chocolate ganache tart which was quite tasty.

We then made the hike to the eiffel tower to meet jane for out night bike ride/river cruise. Ahh was so good to be off my feet and on a bike! We saw simillar things to the waling tour but had a few extra stops like St Louis, the original island of Paris where I bought an ice-cream, what they are renound for. It was of course Fraise or straw flavoured! That was like the paris I had been imagining. Peaceful, musicians playing, seine flowing underneath you. Was a nice few minutes. At the Louve we did the classic touris holding up the pyramid shots as well as some spectaculsrly photographed jumping pics! Best of the trip so far I reckon.

By the boat cruise I was running out fo steam.....luckily it wasn't a steam boat...

I was exhausted and getting sick and the rain just added salt to the wound but enjoyed the eiffel tower light show and seeing the sights from a different view. The moment my head hit the pillow that night I fell asleep!

Our last day in Paris was reserved for disney land! It was a fun filled with Mickey and his friends! We visited Indiana Jones and his mates in Adventure Land, got lost in Alice's labirynth in Fantasy Land as well as the classic 'its a small world after all ride'. We ended up getting a two park pass so had access to the disney studios too where we saw a few shows and what knot. The parades were great fun to watch as we reminissed on our childhoods, although who doesn't like a dinsey classic every now and again! We saw Cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty, donald, goofy, ariel and many more as they made their way down the main street. Just as we were about the leave there was a light show that was almost the highlight (pun intended) of our day there. The castle turned into a massive projector and the characters all appeared again and sund the classic songs etc. While this was happening the castle was flashing different colours and firworks were going off left right and centre. Good end to the day and our time in Paris

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