Alaska at last - May 22, 2012 travel blog



Cottonwood RV Park – Kluane Lake – Destruction Bay. Very nice campground, but only 15 amps electric and no other hookups. Have to pack out our garbage due to bear problems in the area. The other campground in the area has been closed because of bear probs. Town was built as a way station for RR and a storm destroyed alot of the bildings and materials (hence the name). Long day. Sun was out all the way – even got a little warm. Really scenic part of the Alaska Hwy. We could see the tops of the Wrangell-St.Elias mountains as a backdrop to the lakes and closer mountains. Crossed the border into the Yukon with no problems. I've heard such horror stories and all the crossings have been easy - guards are very friendly. So we're now back to the land of orange flags (which note rough road). They do a very good job of alerting motorists to bad spots. We were stopped for a construction area and the worker said it would be 15 minutes. All of a sudden someone was knocking on my window. It was the couple we met in Watson Lake about 4 weeks ago. We had seen them a few times at other campgrounds. They’re from Minnesota. The road we had been on was pretty rough and she invited us for wine when we got to the campground (said we’d need it). We spent a very nice hour or so with them. It’s fun to hear other people’s stories, but the weather has been so bad we haven’t gotten out too much. As we got back to our campsite we saw a couple I’d talked to in the laundry (which is a great meeting place) in Tok. They’re from Ontario Canada and own a fishing and hunting resort. He said it’s the first summer they’ve been away in 40 years. We also saw a moose in a lake, but it was pretty far away.

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