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Lough Gur

Grange Circle

Wedge Tomb


The next day traveled the width of Ireland (took about two hours) with a stop in another interesting town. Ended up at Louth Gur - a really old neolithic site - and visited a tunnel tomb (which an old woman used as a home in the 1830s - about two feet high and 15 long, five wide. A testament to the poverty of Ireland under the British) and ended up at a stone circle believed to have been constructed about 4000 BC. Met the farmer who owns the field and had a great chat - then tried to visit another circle, but it was guarded by a herd of bulls. They were big. Finally went to Shannon and easily found the B&B - but Bunratty castle had just closed so no visit there. It was still nice to look at the the place and wander the area.

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