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Entrance to Knowth

Stone Circle at Knowth

Smaller barrow at Knowth


Entrance stone to New Grange

Neolithic slave pushing rock to build New Grange

The fourth day was sent in the neolithic. Visited a center where there were several tomb complexes- Knowth and NewGrange - both built about 3000 BC. All had been restored to their original appearance. In NewGrange you could go in to the center of the complex and there was a demonstration of how on the winter solstice the sun would appear in the chamber. I entered a lottery as well - they let 20 people into the tomb on the five days around the solstice to witness the sun's appearance - that is, of course, if it's not cloudy... which it will probably be. Ended to day looking for a food festival in Drogheda, but it turned out to be a gritty city and the much publicized festival was just a bunch of restaurants having special meals. Again had difficulty finding the B&B and looked for over an hour until I was directed down a very narrow and bumpy road to a hotel sized B&B.

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