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Sugar loaf

check out the steps up the side looked like a herringbone pattern

part waay up

A bit further

further still


made it!




Di Annie Orleith Anki Komal Asamyi Jane

740 steps to the top









all the houses are painted in bright colours

and have motifs along the bottom


Di adn Arina tucking into to pork ribs note the plastic gloves


fishing with Khimel Anki Ross and Jane

Ross on a rock






The bombed house Pablo Escabar



remains of the pool

Khimmel Jane Anki Di Ross

Wall graffiti


an interesting comment


from the bedroom




our lonely catch








me Irena and ribs!

coffee time


wall art - Guatape










Anki was shi...g herself and yet she drives a truck

Short hop on the truck to a town of Guatape set on the side of a dam - the original town was moved in the late 70's so now it is a holiday resort for people from Medillin and surrounds. The tops of the mountains are still above water so it makes for a very picturesque place. Just our side of the town is the ,sugarloaf' mountain El Penol we stopped to climb it along with hoards of locals- our truck became a tourist attraction for a while. The mountain has 740 steps to the top and I climbed everyone of them - not too bad! Must be getting used to to going up. The views from the top we're worth the climb and even going down wasn't too bad.

Our hostel was about a 15min walk out of town on the side of the dam - in two parts most of us were up the top I. The older rooms Jo and I shared a 'double which was a double bed with a pullout the trouble was that when the pull out was pulled out there was no floor space left I had to climb onto her bed to get to the bathroom. Further down was the newer part which had a kitchen and outdoor seating areas and was very nice .

Went fishing on the lake with Anki Ross Khilan and Jane the idea was to catch our dinner but three very small fish later we gave that idea up - Jane dropped her camera in the water while passing it to me or maybe I didn't grab it quickly enough - four d a way to dry out cameras and phones if this happens - put them in rice for a couple of days it drawers out all of the water and worked in this case very well.

Visited a house that belonged to one of the drug lords,of the 80's. Pablo Escobar .. it had been bombed by a rival group but you can still see the underground area where he used to have people tortured and the cavity walls where the weapons and drugs were hidden - he was at one time the wealthiest man in south America and was eventually shot by a rival group. Interestingly Colombia is now a very safe could try to travel - their slogan is ,The only thing you have to fear is not wanting to leave' which I found quite appropriate. Spent a couple of lazy days here the was only one good coffee shop so we waited for the owners to decide that they could be bothered opening it - not many people around during the week but on weekends it is packed with people and there is a real carnival atmosphere.

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