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Handmade socks are big in Trout River

Another sock location

Our fabulous boondocking site for 2 nights in Cape Ray




In this Province, the cemetarys all seem to have remarkable views

A few days ago, we drove out to Trout River from Rocky Harbour. The things that caught our attention are in the pictures. The community of Trout River can hardly be called a town, more like a very small village. Several homes have handmade wool socks on the line in the front yard for purchase, very colorful and unique as well.

Some local children were walking along the road in swimming suits after having spent this summer day in the river. The air temperature was about 70, maybe that's a hot summer day for the kids in Newfoundland.

We have enjoyed every minute of our time in Newfoundland, but this morning we reluctantly started heading back toward Port-aux-Basques to catch the ferry to Nova Scotia. We continued to see highway warning signs for moose, but we still haven't sighted one them.

One of the highlights of Newfoundland is the freedom and ability to find wonderful boondocking sites. So for our last 2 nights we enjoyed this wonderful spot out near the lighthouse in Cape Ray. Crashing waves lulled us to sleep at night and the neighbors in the nearby cemetary were very quiet.

Although, there were neighbors from across the road who came by and welcomed us to their little cove. They had actually boondocked in the same spot we are in a few years ago and ended up buying a house across the street. They were from New Jersey and fell in love with Newfoundland. They now live in Cape Ray fulltime, but need to return to the U.S. every 6 months for their U.S. citizenship requirements. They get emergent healthcare in Newfoundland and regular care in Bangor, Maine.

They were fortunate enough to buy their lovely 2 story home a few years ago when the US dollar was strong and the Canadian dollar wasn't. Their purchase price was $27,000 and no property taxes! And the view is 180 degrees of full ocean front.

We get on the ferry Saturday morning (the 7th) for the 11AM crossing which takes about 6 hours.

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