Kingma Summer 2012 RV trip down east travel blog

Today we woke up at the McLellan's once again. What a wonderful time we have had with this special family. We are having troubles leaving, as are our kids. We would like to stay for 2 more weeks to continue our fellowship. But we need to move on and we reassure our kids there are more adventures to be had.

So off we went to meet Oma and Danielle at the Cows factory for a tour and a tasting. The tour was neat, we saw how cheese, butter and ice cream is made. We also found out that there is a Cows store very near to our home, in Niagara on the Lake. We never knew this.

After the tour we headed to BOOM burger. Jer loves anything that has to do with burgers so we all had a feast of homemade burgers, lots of toppings and handmade fries. We were glad to try the famous PEI fries made with potatoes from the many fields we have seen on our trip.

We keep seeing fields of beautiful yellow buds on top. We have no idea what it is. It is gorgeous to look at though.

After eating at BOOM burger we headed to the Cavendish beach. This beach was just as beautiful as the other 2 beaches we had been to. The kids had fun throwing rocks in the water and watching the waves crash in. We now have glass jars with 2 different shades of beach sand in them.

We headed back to the McLellans for one more night as it was too late to drive back to Truro.

It was a wonderful day. We have had such a great vacation so far with many blessings and fun times.

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