Hansen & Savosnick Family Southern Africa Road Trip 2012 travel blog

Coastal road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay

Dunes on the way

Sofia on the Pier - Ready for Mola Mola

The local Rolex :-)

Sofia and Annamaria with their Friend

Sandwich Harbor Light House in Walvis Bay

They Look nice - But they Smell like S...

Annamaria and her friends

Loads of action

Dolphin action under the Cat.

Sofia and Dolphin

Walvis Bay Oyster with Tabasco

Hansen Family Oyster and Champagne Party

Who is Who

Sofia with soon afterwards very fish smelly hands feeding the birds

The Girls and their Seal Friend

Welcomed at the Pier

World's Largest excavated Crystal

Detailed Info

Sofia on the beach in Swakopmund

This is our second day with our the Savosnick Family whom we are truly missing and look forard to rejoin - We have information that the car is ready tonight and they will head to Windhoek enabling us to hook up Sossusvlei. Finally some Good NEWS


Breakfast in Namibia is like being in Denmark - They have "rundstykker" and Leverpostej and all we are missing this summer so something is really good here :-).

We left this morning at 8 Am headed to Walvis Bay which is the main harbour town in Namibia - we had booked an excursion with Mola Mola - at the Sandwich Harbor. Hoping to see Seals and Dolphins - and a few more surprises. We where not disappointed as the pictures will tell.

On the way back we had the local Oysters - they where enormous and tasted wonderfully - Naturally the same came with Champagne. The are originally imported from Chile but now they are able to grow them in the cold waters of the Namib coast.

Back in Swakopmund we went to see the Crystal's and saw the biggest excavated in the world absolutely stunning. A short visit to the local Museum which was like walking to a German town from 1905 and it smelled the same. Good little set up.

Today: a lot of running around to make sure the mechanic Rolf has everything he needs to complete the job. It's now 7:30 in the evening andI am sitting in the lobby of the first hotel waiting for the car to be completed tonight. Rolf unfortunately while possibly a very knowledgable mechanic does not like to work too hard. We have brought in 4 additional mechanics just to make sure it gets done. Wedding drag Rolf kicking and screening back to the workshop after he decided to go home at 4pm. I am hoping this will work. We also brought in extra light so they can work as it gets dark at 6:30pm. It is also cold as its getting to the middle of winter. Crisp and warm during the day and cool to cold at night. Certainly colder than Nairobi. Kids have been fantastic. Dylan became completely hooked on chess while staying at Oddballs camp. We have been trying to buy a chees set here in Maun but no luck. The town is small, catering primarily to tourists. The supermarkets in Nairobi are clearly much better stocked, larger etc. Not too much to choose from on the restaurant front. Hope you like beef or chicken. Tourists don't really stay in Maun for more than a day, a sort of stagingpost for trips into the Okawango and. Surrounding game parks.


8:05pm no end in sight yet, getting colder. I mean how much fun can you have? By Peter

Nice Ice cream on the beach and a walk and we ended up in the tower overlooking Swakopmund.

Tonight is Sushi again on the Jetty

By Thomas

Nearly 9pm still not sure they will manage tonight. They are still working on it, I went down to take a peek but saw that they were busy so I've drifted back to the lobby. By Peter

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