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This must be the southernmost Tim Horton's

US 40 wide open

Winnie at the Class of '57

Vintage GMC motorhome for sale

Mural in Greenfield

Smiley face

The road where "Gravity Hill" was on

Indiana is Pepsi Country

Winnie's granddad

Is Clabber Girl still around?

Winnie at the World's Largest Wind Chime

Little girls who rang the chimes for Sue

Winnie at Casey KOA

View from Winnie's front window

The pool was a little green, but refreshing just the same

Rout 40 small town collage

I guess today’s drive was more of the same, but there’s no map of our route because the batteries died in My Spot shortly after passing Indianapolis. We left the Richmond KOA and headed west on US 40. We couldn’t believe that there were no other vehicles on 40 for long stretches. Traveling at 40-45mph with no trucks zooming by makes driving much more relaxed than being on the interstate. We drove through a bunch of small towns – Centerville, Cambridge City, Straughn, Lewisville, Knightstown, Brazil, among others on the way to Terre Haute. I put together a collage of pictures from some of these towns that kind of show “downtown” from the driver’s seat. It seems that each of the towns has tried to stay alive with various businesses related to the National Road and the history of the area. We stopped at a tiny post office in Pershing, IN because I had a couple of things to mail. There was a guy ahead of me, but he was just “chewing the fat” with the postal worker and waved me on. We talked about the weather - he was tired of the heat and wanted some rain as it’s been pretty dry - then I was on my way.

In Knightsville, we stopped at “The Class of ‘57”. I saw it and stopped on my way through last fall on the Triangle Tour. It’s an old auto show room that has restored 1957 cars. There were two Pontiac Star Chiefs (convertible and coupe), two Chevy Bel Aires (convertible and coupe), a Thunderbird, a Ford convertible, and a Nash Metropolitan. Unfortunately the place wasn't open again and there is no contact information anywhere.

After passing Indianapolis, we headed to Mooresville to see if we could locate one of the roadside attractions – “Gravity Hill”. It’s supposed to be one of those places that look like you are going uphill, but are really going downhill, an optical illusion. We got there, but the road was so narrow there was no way I was going to stop Winnie on this hill to see if we could experience the optical illusion. Certainly didn‘t see it while driving. The other reason for going to Mooresville was to stop at a DDD spot for lunch; unfortunately Zydeco’s isn’t open on Monday’s. The rest of the DDD’s in Indiana are in Indianapolis and I wasn’t too eager to drive in the city with Winnie, so no DDD experiences yet. There’s always Sweetie Pie’s in St. Louis.

Our goal for today was Casey, IL where the “World’s Largest Wind Chimes” are located and by coincidence a KOA where we were going to spend the night. The wind chimes are 55 ft tall and weigh over 8 tons. They were assembled and officially measured in December 2011. The structure was conceived and built by Jim Bolin, family and friends. There were a couple young girls playing outside of the wind chime area. Sue asked them how the chimes rang and they obliged her by going in and pulling a rope to bang the pipes together. They sounded pretty good, but I can’t imagine how hard the wind needs to blow to make them ring.

After the chimes, we headed to the KOA just across the interstate. We pulled in about 3:30 PM for another early day. The pool again was empty, so we went for a swim again. A refreshing end to a pretty relaxed drive.

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