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Also living at our campground...not right next door, thank goodness

Llama family, there were horses, cattle as well

Alyeska Hotel and Alyeska Ski Center, on the way to Soldatna

Colden enjoying snow pile in front of the snowboarding halfpipe at Alyeska

Clam diggers at Nilichik on the way to Homer-huge event

Razor clams in one of the Alaskan's cooler

View of Homer Spit

Camera one died in Homer

After it took pics of wonderful Alyeska flowers

Never saw poppies this color before, Alyeska garden

Ok Gang, I'm Back!

On the July 3rd we arrived at Soldatna on the Kenai Peninsula. It seemed sort of central to the upper part of the peninsula. We set up in the drizzle and took a drive to the town of Kenai. Found our way to the upper part of Cook Inlet and walked Colden there. Spotted a young bald eagle just sitting on the piling of a bridge. He just sat there an looked at us for quite some time. Met a couple who'd spotted him/her while walking, went back to get their truck and camera and started snapping pics. He was there the entire time we walked( at least 20-30 minutes). Colden and I approached and made it to the opposite side of the bridge...let him have it. We chickened out. Went back to the campground.

Diamond M Ranch resort was anything but. The shower/bathroom was nice but only 3 for the entire campground and we were parked in a bigger parking lot. We did have more room than in Denali and there was lots of room to walk Colden. Discovered the pigs and other critters who lived at the ranch. Also discovered evidence of moose-huge tracks and lots of eating of young birch trees. We'd booked 3 nights here and decided to tough it out.

On July 4 we went down to the town of Homer and Homer Spit-75 mi. On the way, in Nilichik and Clam Gulch, we noticed tons of people out on the ocean's mud flats. We'd heard that clamming was a big thing-we were offered a class in it from the campground-didn't take. You'll see a rather dark picture of lots of cars and people out on a flat area. They're clamming. This activity brought out kids, grandparents and everyone in between. It was also a time for ATV-ing. People wearing full waders and high rubber boots were the norm. One of the Alaskans let me take the picture of the razor clams they were digging for that were already in his cooler. He said they were dead...didn't say they would not be eaten.

Continued on the Homer and our to Homer Spit. The spit is where the gift shops and restaurants well as "campgrounds" that made our look like the Hilton. They were pretty full. It appears that lots of people just pull in and set up camp. We left Colden in the truck and went walking. Cool spot...took pics of Homer Spit harbor and a bald eagle on top of one of the motel/restaurants. Our camera had died at this point as you can see from the white grainy picture. We did check out the price for a flight trip to see bears on Kodiak Is. Decided that $700each was just too much...we'll watch the video instead. Also, they didn't have an opening for 2 people until Sunday and this was Wed...all the more reason to skip it.

Went to Homer Wildlife Refuge, walked a .38 mi trail saw 2 sandhill cranes. On the way home we say 2 moose in Clam Gulch. At this point we're 7000 miles into the trip. Joe's driven all of it...amazing isn't it?!

That's it for the 4th. Came home and watched fireworks in Washington,DC and Boston.

Take care all...

More tomorrow, maybe.


Joe, Colden and Ingrid

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