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Leaving Chinon

The Chateau at Montsoreau

You gotta be quick to get in the group shots...

Vineyards near Saumur

Where the cave people lived!

The Chateau at Saumur

Bridge over the Loire at Saumur

It was foreboding dark skies for most of the day, but nary a drop during our “fast” 42 km trek.

Sunday must be a big market day in this part of France. They were setting up a market in the square when we left and we encountered two or three more during our bike. The biggest was at Montsoreau – in addition to the 20 or so stands selling wine, cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables, there must have been 150 additional tables hawking “antiques”. Enjoyed having at quick look at the “antiques” and will be sending a note to the producers of Canadian Pickers to suggest the boys do a Euro Pickers spinoff.

We saw lots of vineyards today – at one point that was almost all we coud see – it reminded us of parts of our German trip last year.

Coolest part of the day was cycling through a large “troglodytique” area, where homes and garages are literally carved into hillsides. There was even one historic site showing small caves people used to live in.

Had a little trouble finding our hotel (cycled right past it) but arrived in good time for lunch.

After dinner we hiked up to the local chateau for incredible views of Saumur and the surrounding area.

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