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Today I woke up the same way as yesterday, sleeping in until 9:00am and waking up to a Starbuck 's Vanilla Frappuchino. First we packed up packed our bags in the car and visited the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. There we found many interesting things, from Jimi Hendrix’s guitars and art, to the belongings of many popular bands. After we visited the RARHOF we drove to Canton and visited the Football Hall of Fame. There I saw many cool things, such as a few of the first footballs and jerseys of the 21st century players. While I was there, I got a T-shirt, and two wallets; a 49ers wallet for one of my friends, and a Dallas Cowboys wallet for my other friend. After that we hit the road for the long drive to Chicago. While we were on the road, we saw a spectacular lightning storm; including a lightning bolt hitting the Sears Tower! After eight long hours of driving, we checked into our hotel. We were very tired and went to bed. Today I learned that Jimi Hendrix was a very good artist, who drew football players when he was a kid.

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