Galapagos Islands & Peru 2012 travel blog

Blue-Footed Booby

Mating Marine Iguanas with Sea Lion in background

Colorful Marine Iguana bathing in the sun

Great Albatross at nesting site

Pair of adult Nazca Boobies

Linda at Nazca nesting site

Cooling off

Nazca Booby baby

Albatross with attitude

Albatross nesting site

Albatross mating dance

Albatross mating ritual

No fear of humans what-so-ever!

Curious Sea Lions laying on all of our things

Kodak moment

Espanola Mockingbird

Galapagos Dove

Galapagos Hawk

Landing at Garner Bay

Laying around with the Sea Lions

Gardner Bay is a beautiful white sandy beach dotted with hundreds of playful sea lions and their pups. Espanola Island is bordered by steep volcanic cliffs. The fauna is extremely rich on this island, as evidenced by the colonies of seabirds, such as the Blue-Footed and Nazca boobies, as well as nesting sites for the endemic Albatross and Espanola Mockingbird.

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