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Chateau Villandry

The gardens at Chateau Villandry - 12th century church in background

Chateau Langeais

Chateau of Azay de Rideau

The Chateau and moat

We had mountain weather today – it changed every 10 minutes. From pouring rain to hot sun. And back again. Which of course, resulted in several costume changes during the 58 km ride. We also managed to miss a turn and go several kms off course, But at the end of the day we achieved the Loire Triple Play – three chateaus in a single day.

Chateau Villandry was the first chateau we have seen with a nice garden.Well, a lot better than nice – some of us thought it rivaled Versailles – not in expanse, but certainly in detail. The chateau was built in 1536, the “newest” of the great chateaux built along the banks of the Loire during the Renaissance.It was built by Jean le Breton. No words can describe the gardens – “magnficient” comes close.

We were able to have out 1st crepes today---we are finally experiencing France (or at least as tourists enjoy France).

Batting second was the Chateau et Parc de Langeais, which looked very much like a “typical” medival castle, complete with drawbridge. It was built in 1465 by France’s King Louis XI. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go in.

Third up was the Chateau of Azay de Rideau. Gilles Berthelot acquired it in 1510 and set about rebuilding it as a “sumptuous residence”. The grounds are English style – the direct opposite to the very symetrical French gardens. I think we enjoyed the grounds as much as we enjoyed going in the Chateau.

Dinner was at our hotel. The other restaurants looked very touristy, and we were all too beat to wander farther than 3 or 4 blocks. Finished the evening with a liquer we hae been looking for since our first day – Chambord, named after the first chateau we saw. A delightful dark raspberry flavour.

An early night for everyone

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