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Today, we woke up at around 7:00am and packed our belongings once again. We drove to Helena's 2nd cousin Judy's house and had a Shabbat brunch of Challah, guacamole, bagels, a bunch of salads, and quiche. After a delicious meal we went to Aunt Chaya's apartment. Chaya is Auntie Helena's aunt and she is a survivor of the Holocaust who was sent to Auschwitz, a well-known concentration camp in Germany. After telling us some experiences from the Holocaust, Chaya told us more about what life was like when she was living in Israel after the war. After she was done telling stories we jumped into the car and dropped my Aunt Helena off at the airport because she was headed back to California. After that, we stopped at a Starbucks for a while to figure out where we were going to stay next. Then, off we went for five long hours to a Best Western hotel called the Cozy House Inn in Williamsburg, Iowa. We were all tired and wanted to go to bed. Today I learned that some Jews believe that you have to turn off your cell phone on Shabbat because it is a day of rest.

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