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Holly in her favorite chair

A view of this urban campground

Jerry and I walked to the Clinton Library using a pedestrian bridge

The bridge was originally built for a railroad. The library is on...

Jerry sits at the conference table in the Cabinet Room

Table set for a state dinner

One of many gifts President Clinton received

Representations of Buddy and Socks

A full scale Oval Office just as it was when Clinton was...

Outside the library. It is a long rectangular building with 4 floors...

At Petit Jean State Park overlooking the valley below





Due to the dry conditions here, the waterfall was merely a trickle.


It was a cool 85 degrees when we left our motorhome this morning to walk across a railroad bridge converted to a pedestrian walkway. Our destination was the Clinton Presidential Library. Jerry and I are getting close to seeing them all.

We enjoyed the Clinton Library. The events of the 90s are still fairly fresh in our memories which made it a good experience. A highlight was sitting at a conference table in a replicated Cabinet Room. You could choose an issue and follow the path it took to get something done on it.

We've seen so much strife in government that it is somewhat comforting, in a strange way, to realize that this isn't new. For example, in a fight over the budget, the government actually shut down for a brief time.

We saw gifts that the president received, a very funny video spoofing as if President Clinton had nothing to do in his last days in office and we got to look in at a full scale Oval Office just as it was when Clinton was president.

At this time there is a special exhibit honoring the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, the favorite baseball team around these parts, and another one on the mothers of Bill and Hillary Clinton, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

There is a restaurant in the building and we had a great lunch there. Every time we've eaten out on this trip so far, we have sat down at a table at the restaurant, perused the menu, and chosen exactly the same item on the menu. Boring!

After lunch we drove to a state park to see a waterfall. Well, there is no waterfall at the moment. It is very dry here and the waterfall is only a trickle. But, the views were beautiful and we enjoyed the scenery as did Holly who was able to go along.

It was a typical touring day for us - history, nature and traveling with our favorite furry pal. What more could you ask for? Okay, I'd like it to be cooler. My wish may be fulfilled on Sunday or Monday.

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