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Single at the Hotel Carlton

Modern and clean, but still another very small shower.

View from hotel window that unlatched and opened all the way, no...

Pescara beach is 6 1/2 miles long and coverered with thousands of...

Lunch at outdoor cafe. Fresh grilled octopus,fish, shirmp.

Every shop closes from 1:30PM to 4PM even in this fairly large...

Called "first serving", fresh sated shrimp a calamari and baby dumplings (gnocchi)...

"Second serving" Kabobs of shrimp, calamari, and fish. Was delicious.

Open area on the beach for those now wanting to pay $25.

I took the bus to Pescara to get some cash since the only ATM machine in Alanno is for a small bank and would not work for me. In Alanno, no one takes credit cards so I was getting low on cash. I did learn how to send myself money through Western Union. If you ever need to do this remember you log on to the WU website then you find a location nearest you, anywhere in the world. Choose to use a credit card or pay pal and in just minutes you can get money. In Pescara was a little difficult because they are not used to receiving money, just sending it so they had to make a phone call to the central WU office to learn what to do. Also as I walked from bank to bank I sometimes got a card to work, mostly my Bank of America. Banco Popular worked once. I think getting money here for a US tourist for a lengthy stay is a problem. Outside of Rome I have not met any US tourists. Lots from Europe. Since they share the euro (except for England) they have little problem. Also they have no visa requirements and can freely cross back and forth.

Staying in Pescara one night was my treat to myself for the 4 of July. The Hotel Carlton was wonderful, right across the street from the 6 1/2 mile long beach. English speaking, free full breakfast, and 20% off on the fabulous Italian dinner. Many, many enticing shops for everything (they take credit cards in Pescara), and about 6 blocks from the bus station. US $85.50. The hotel helped me find a place for a pedicure ($25US, they do one foot totally, then the next, and no massage.)

Back in Alanno now, (July 4th) and the full moon is beautiful over the valley of olive trees and vineyards. I tried to take a picture, but my camera isn't fancy enough.

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