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We touched down in Padang around 8:40am. We walked off the plane, onto the runway and made our way into the immigration center. The entire process of purchasing our entry visa into Indonesia and going through immigration took an entire 2 hours. Glad to finally be free, Jason arranged for a mini bus ride going directly to Bukittinggi, from there we boarded another mini bus bound for Lake Maninjau.

Both buses we were seated at the back, sitting too high to even be able to see out the windows. The views of the passing towns and country side were lost in a blurr. Our first driver was a complete moron with no respect for human life or other. He drove with the speed of insanity and at times he showed severe signs of road rage. He almost mowed down half a dozen motorcycle drivers, almost rear ended several vehicles, came close to side swiping a truck and almost drove over several pedestrians. By the time we arrived in Bukittinggi and he dropped us off we both exited the vehicle almost before the doors had opened.

Glad to be off the "ride of death", we soon enough were on another mini bus bound for Lake Maninjau. Once again we were right in the back, we couldn't see out. The ride was bumpy and we took several turns before we made it to the "44 bends" going down into Lake Maninjau. This driver was way more cautious and took his driving more serious than the first. Towards the end of our journey he had picked up a young man, they both lit cigarettes and I began to heave. Just as I asked them to stop, we were at our Beach Inn in Bayou in Lake Maninjau.

By the time we walked through the short path past rice paddies to get to our homestay, I was feeling pretty bad. As soon as we got done taking a room and settling in I headed for the bathroom. Yep, we've done 16 months of travel and have not gotten sick once, as luck would have it, today I was hugging the porcelain throne.

Glad that the days travel was over and we had made it to the lake, we indulged in some rest before we ventured out to eat. We called it an early night and looked forward to what tomorrow will bring here in Sumatra.

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