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Where the ANZACS should have landed

Where they actually landed

The hill that they had to climb

ANZAC trenches

An ANZAC tunnel

My next tour started with a trip to Gallipoli. Visiting Gallipoli was a sombre experience for me. Although we learn about it in school and from our parents, I don’t think anyone can true begin to comprehend what these brave boys, because let’s face it, that’s what most of them were, faced when they landed on the beaches. It also illustrates how the combination of some poor and some downright stupid decisions and mistakes can lead to the unnecessary loss of so many lives. I can tell you now that standing on that beach and looking at what they faced, I would have turn and ran; they could have shot me for desertion. Our Turkish guide was very unbiased and gave an insight as to the thinking of the Turkish side and the respect that was held for each other. Unwritten rules about not attacking the enemies wounded and throwing cans of bully beef to the enemy and having them throw back some of their provisions in return to mix up what they were eating. It’s hard to imagine what they went though, even when you stand in the trenches.

To think that so many lives were lost because of a stupid decision made the year before in Sarajevo.

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