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Our hired/shared jeep to Pangong Lake left at 8 am from (???) Tour Agency. Besides B & I, there are two Italians...Marco, a film editor for TV football and Paula, a translator living in Hamburg (English-German-Italian) and two Koreans...Lee Hee Dong, a doctor (25) who just graduated from med school on an 8 month trip returning to do 3 years compulsory military service and Lee Jieun, a nursing student (20) on 3 week vacation. A very balanced group with 3 guys 3 gals and only Bon and I a couple, the others just coincidentally met while travelling.

Beautiful scenery over 2nd highest motor able pass in the world @ 17,856' . Our driver is somewhat unhelpful in that he does not offer to stop for us to take pictures although he can plainly see we are trying to take photos along the way. In fact, he is driving purposely fast I suppose to get there by noon but really no reason at all that I see. Once we stop for lunch and take a ton of photos, we head on to village/home stay in village of Spangmik. He drives us to what I can only guess is a relatives' place because later Paula finds better accommodations for same price and we move. Driver seemingly unhappy but the place to stay is up to us not part of the deal with the driver. Settling in we have a bit of musical beds since I snore sometimes...end result Paula, Bon, and Marco together and myself, Hee Dong, and Jieun in another room.

After chai all go hiking along the lake except Bon & I, but later near sunset we cannot resist the lure of the lake either and head down along the shore. The 'golden hour' and changing colors is particularly magnificent with the contrast of the surrounding mountains. As soon as the sun dips below the horizon you can feel the air chill and then a very strong headwind develops as we turn to go back. A nearly full moon rising in the east over the lake adds still another element to the already perfect scene.

Back at the home stay all of us are hugely hungry so even having to wait a half hour longer seems a bit harsh. Rice, dah, mixed veggies, and chai never tasted so good. Afterwards we played Farkle quite late, I fear our loud outbursts were not appreciated by our hosts as much as by us! Redeeming their football/soccer loss in Euro2012, the two Italians won both games!

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