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Today we went to back to Bean Town. This time We went in on the commuter train. We took a walking tour along the Freedom Trail. We saw Sam Adam’s grave, were the Boston tea party started, and were the Boston Massacre happened. After that, we went to a place called Legal Seafood, where I had a lobster. It was good. With full bellies, we headed to the USS Constitution, we took a water taxi to it. The USS Constitution has a museum, and we visited that first. Finally, we went to the boat. It is actually and active Navy vessel, so they searched us before we went on. We were so excited, but we were running out of time so we could only go on the top deck. Right now is the exciting part. On the way back we went the wrong way on the subway. I was mad because my dad yelled at me for no reason. Once we figured things out we caught a commuter train back to our car in Westbourgh. For dinner we met Judy, Eugenio, and Judy’s sister Tracey at a restaurant called JP’s. I had a pound of ribs, but I shared it with Mom, Dad, Cole, and Cosmo. When we got back we packed up and got ready for the five hour drive to Syracuse.

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