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Today went to Boston, to pick up mom, who will be here for a week. There were a lot of hugs kisses and one, “Oh, Sam are you wearing cologne?” After the gooey stuff we went on a “duck” tour (A duck is an old multi-purpose military vehicle that can go in the water and on land) in Boston which was fun, but because of a thunderstorm, we couldn’t go into the water. We were led by a funny tour guide, under a fake name, which I can’t recall. We went all around and saw statues and churches. After that we were going to walk around Bean Town, but as I said, it was thunder storming, so we “twalked” about our “idears”. In the end we took a subway to the north end which is the Italian end of the city. We ate at a pizzeria and then walked to the aquarium. We saw many cool things, including penguins getting fed. At the end of the day we took a subway and a train back to Westbourgh.

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