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Today, we had a blast! We picked up my mother from the airport; she is staying with us for about a week! With her, we went to a Swann’s and got sushi for breakfast. We needed something and sushi was a) handy and b) tasty.) Afterwards, we went on the “Duck tour,” which is on an amphibious vehicle based off of one in the army (It is a truck and it is a boat). Our tour guide was cracked slightly funny jokes during the ride. After the tour, our group split. Sam, Cosmo, Aunt Jill and I went on a subway ride to the North End, also known as the Italian district. We had some pizza there; very tasty! Soon after, we went to an aquarium, which wasn’t as cool as we expected. Although it was crowded, it was because it was pouring rain, and after it stopped raining, half the people in the museum left. There was this one funny thing: At the penguin exhibit, there was this light that flashed in the shape of a little fish, and the penguins chased it. (Think cat and a laser light) It deactivated during feeding time. They fed the penguins for so long, I waited for about 20 minutes before I got bored, looked around for a little bit, then came back. Still feeding them! Looked at gift shop, came in, and looked around again: still feeding them! We left an hour after they started feeding them. Guess what? THEY WERE STILL FEEDING THE PENGUINS! What the hey?! Oh well. Lastly, we went to a place that sold gelato. We were only allowed one scoop, so I skipped it in favor of something at a bakery. I scored! There was Oreo cake! That’s all, folks.

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