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LEarning about the structure of DNA using Lego's

Cole in for making video games!

Learning about the struggles of research at MIT

The barn at The Vitullo farm

The vegetable stand waiting for vegatables

Bees on the farm

Coleman's Realty?

At Dinner Uncle Bob

Today we did cool stuff. We went to MIT: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There were lots of things, including Lego DNA, robots, video games, and batteries powered by viruses! Wicked cool. After that, we went to Harvard Square to have lunch. We ate at a bakery of sorts, and got sandwiches. Very good. Later, we went to my great-uncle’s farm (where my grandmother grew up), and explored it for a little bit. There was a collapsed barn, tractors, and bees. Yes, my uncle is a bee-keeper, and sells honey (Tasty too). Soon after, we went to this awesome restaurant called the Clam Shack. It’s all outside, and the meals are cooked in trailers! The food is still high-quality, and tasty. There was a beautiful bay view. They even had a live singer singing there! Awesome! After rendezvousing with some cousins back at the farm, we went out to ice cream. Not a bad end to the day.

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