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Two pictures of the deck project we didn't really plan on doing yet but here we go! Long story! ha The rest of the pictures are of Janaya and the Great Hair Color Escapade! Also long funny story...

Brought Jodi home about 1:00 after her surgery... she slept most of the day but doesn't seem to be having much pain yet. So far so good... the biopsy will come back next week but the Dr. felt pretty sure that it would be benign.... !

Lauri and Dave & pets have landed at a friends house out near Falcon Colorado. At least they have more room than the pickup camper and have good airconditioning! The fire has progressed into the Rockrimmon neighborhoods just west of them... they live off East Rockrimmon .... keep sending thoughts!! *)* At least they're all ok and that's what counts.

Rock Crusher Park was pretty much spared from the storm which is a real blessing! Wow! I don't want to know what's next!! God Bless us all!!

Love to everyone!

P & E

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