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Dawson City street scene

Notice the motorcycles who were in for the D2D meant dust...

Woo Hooo the can can gals at Diamond Tooth Gertie's

Car ferry across the Yukon R. We were #1 in line and...

Top of the World road, 188 mi in 7 hrs...lots of dust

Our most northern border crossing. Sign says pop.2 No problems this time.

Better road from Tok, AK to Fairbanks

Sternwheeler that took us and 6 busloads of passengers up the Chena...

You too can purchase this exquisite parka for $40,000. Took 9 mos...

Campground laundry room humor

Hi, Everyone,

OK, it's not the next day but I'm back. It's been cloudy or rainy in Fairbanks, as predicted, which is why we decided to spend 3 nights here. First off though some pictures of Dawson City. Notice the wooden sidewalks and the old style buildings. They definitely strive to keep up the old gold mining town theme. Final words...we're glad we went but wouldn't go back- at least not over the same (only) roads.

One of the pics is of the Top of the World Highway. This was an experience. Can't believe the toll it takes of vehicles. HAD to go slow which is why this trip takes all day. Some nice views but the road was the interesting part. At the end of it, THANKFULLY, is the US Customs. Here we waited about 20 minutes while two motor homes, one Subaru and 4 motorcyclists, guys we'd signaled to pass us on the "Top of the World" were processed through. The border guards were polite, business like and non-threatening-at least not to us. By 10:20 we'd been checked through the northernmost border crossing at Poke Creek, AK, elevation 4125', population 2 since there are two guards on duty at all times. They rotate through for weeks at a time.

From here we stopped at Chicken, Ak. A town owned by one family and named Chicken because when it was formed the people wanted to name it Ptarmigan but didn't know how to spell it so they settled on Chicken. Gift shops, gas and RV park mostly. Our stay from here at Tok RV park was a joy after Dawson. Met a great couple from Red Deer, Alberta. We ended up at the same RV park with them in Fairbanks although they've been a day ahead of us. More about them later .

Here in Fairbanks we've taken care of oil change and tire rotation to the truck-6000+miles so far. Our package with parts for the stabilizer bars came so we're set there. Yesterday we took a great river cruise on a sternwheeler that is run by the 4th generation of an Alaska family. They've really perfected this thing. It included a take off and touch down by a bush pilot on the river, a stop at the home of the late Susan Butcher, 4 time Ididarod winner who died of leukemia (still maintained by her husband and daughters), a stop at an Athabaskan Indian village they've created, sampling of salmon and just a great job of customer relations. This was well worth the doing.

In the evening we went with the couple from Alberta we met in Tok to an all you can eat smoked salmon or prime rib dinner at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. You know who ate what. The salmon was sensational smoked over a wood fire and laced with brown sugar, honey, lemon and cayenne. YUM!

Today it's been catch up again. We're actually leaving now 4:00 to go to an Antique Car museum that's open until 10:00 - still enough daylight left for sure.

That's about it for today. Off to Healy and Denali tomorrow for 2 days. We'll get back to you when we have more to tell. Oh, yes, hope you enjoy the campground humor pic...they've also got a toilet planted with flowers over at the shower/bathroom building. Fun stuff!

Love to you all,

Joe, Ingrid & Colden

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