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Have lots of pictures to put on but no time to get them downloaded! *)* I'll be taking Jodi in at 5:15 AM tomorrow... (and I thought that time was just fiction!! ... didn't even know those hours still existed....ha) She gets out same day and then we find out if there's more to come. sigh

The fire in Colorado has just now forced a mandatory evacuation of the area Lauri & Dave live in so I'm guessing they've loaded kith & kin into the pickup camper and headed out to safety! We were so hoping the fire wouldn't get into Queen's Canyon behind them but it did.... now the whole area including the Air Force Academy Housing is being evacuated!!! Lot's of beauty heading for the dust heap! Just so everyone makes it through ok... and it would be a shame to lose the Academy pipe organ! ... (just sayin')

Sounds like our Florida has escaped with only drenching rain! Luckily we're on a hill so the Park sounds like it's safe! Retention ponds are filling but are carrying the water ok... Doesn't look like the rain has been that bad there today.

The area where the storm came ashore is mostly sparsely populated so that helps. Also there is a lot of absorbent marshy land up there. Withlacootchi (sp) is flooding in some areas... but the up side I guess, is that it should help refill the aquifers up there!

Try to keep you posted... Lauri is out of contact right now so we're relying on the common sense that both she and Dave have and more than that on the presence of our Lord with them!!!

Love to all!!! P & E

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