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Sign at Bishop's Castle

Another one

Marian tries out a Chair

Inside the Castle

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One more sign at the Castle

View from the road


Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Inside "Maverick's"



Rafting on the Arkansas





Smoke from Waldo Canyon Fire

At least 20 miles away

I just can’t believe that it happened again!

You loyal readers know that I have a reputation for taking friends to a restaurant, only to discover that it is closed when we arrive.

Well, we had an adventure planned for today. A trip through the beautiful mountains to a unique attraction called “Bishop’s Castle”.

That would be followed by a drive on west to the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and a restaurant called “R’s” where they are noted for serving some great pizza.

It was 95 degrees in Penrose, Colorado, as we passed through that little town.

Soon we began climbing into the mountains. We noticed the temperature change as we climbed until we were above 9000’ and the temperature had fallen to a comfortable 74 degrees. Wow! A 21 degree drop in temperature.

Bishop’s Castle is a very interesting place and I urge you to look it up on the internet for more information.

I will say that we all had a good time climbing through the castle and I have pictures from this place to show you.

The cameras were clicking constantly as we drove north and west to the little community of Silver Cliff.

Everyone was looking forward to a delicious meal here and we pulled into the parking lot together.


The sign in the window announced that they were closed on Monday and Tuesday. Bummer!

Jesse & Ginger pulled up alongside us, rolled their windows down and Ginger announced that “Ed has struck again”!

Mike & Marian, riding with Jesse & Ginger, just laughed.

We rode with Bob & Janet which exposed them to this phenomena for the first time.

I had to endure the ridicule of my friends as we switched to Plan B.

We found a restaurant called “Maverick” which also served good food, along with ice cold beer.

We sat at a large table, talking and laughing, just enjoying the company of one another.

The ride back to the RV resort was through some different scenery for Bob & Janet as we drove alongside the Arkansas River.

We stopped to take some pictures of the people enjoying the white water rafting.

We arrived home around 3:00 PM and went inside to relax for awhile.

Now that I have the journal written I will download some pictures and get ready to post the blog for you good folks.

I should let you know that we could easily see the smoke rising from the fire in Waldo Canyon just northwest of Colorado Spring.

We continue to hold the firefighters in our thoughts and prayers, as we do those friends who are fighting the good fight against serious illness.

So, we say once again, with confidence, that Life is Good!

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