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visitors' center

visitors' center closer

Clover Hill Tavern

Meek's General Store

Union soldier smoking his pipe

McClean House

Union Natural History area


General Lee seated in the center

Union tent area



General Lee far left

Confeferate cemetery

Let me begin by apologizing to our good confederate reenactor/pharmacist friend for enduring the pompous Gen Lee!!! Using our imagination, we walked the old country lanes where the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginig to Ulysses S. Grant took place.

For us all visits begin with the visitors' center. Many of the original structures remain today. The preservation, authentic period furniture are phenomenal. Clover Hill was the settlements' original name. I would have renamed it bug heaven as the gnats were eating our eyeballs out-missing was the hot sauce!

The reunification process was genteel and smooth. Grant's only request was that the Confederates not take up arms against the United States. Officers were allowed to keep their side arms and any soldier who owned a horse was allowed to take it home with him.

The village of Appomattox continued to hang on to an existance of some sort post surrender.

Some of the significant buildings were the McClean House. The parlor was the surrender site. Meeks store was the post office and general store. Woodson Law Office, Clover HIll Tavern, and many more. You can see we walked away with renewed historical information and maybe even some we didn't know.

The stacking of the arms(unknown fact by me)... On the morning of April 12, 1865 about 5,000 Federal troops lined Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road east of the Peers House to a point near the McClean House to receive the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. The weapons, flags and accoutrements of infantry were stacked before the Federals in a formal surrender ceremony. Isn't that "honor answering honor" Brig Gen Joshua L. Chamberlain said.

As you drink your morning coffee ponder this idea...The coffee beans are dropped into a pot of boiling water, allowed to simmer. When you poor your mug the unground beans come out. You smash the beans with the end of your musket. Now how's that for grit in your craw??

Little known fact to us-Bojangles has the best chicken. Eating in the cool with no bugs was as elegant as a five star restaurant. Aren't we classy? As with many of our trips the ride to is a pleasure BUT the ride home is butt numbing! Nonetheless, we enjoyed it and made it back home with a new interest in life other than my daily medical appointments. This week I am beginning a new adventure-cyberknife targeted radiation therapy. It is a small linear accelerator positioned on the end of a robot. The prep work is intense and precise. I'll let you know how it goes. So long for now.

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