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Campground in Whitehorse, YT

Bonanza Creek, site of a big gold find in Dawson and our...

Campground Dawson City, a parking lot with electric, water and sewer...tight squeeze...

Dredge #4 on of the last remaining dredges in Canada, no longer...

inside the dredge

Hi, Gang,

We're finally able to get back to you but I've only got 15 minutes left on my allotted hour by the campground. Anyway, we're not really in Fairbanks that's tomorrow but the journal wouldn't accept Tok, Alaska which is really where we are. Tok is a hub from which all other roads in AK start. Arrived at the lovely campground on Saturday around 2:00, that's with an extra hour loss. We're now 4 hours away from most of you.

Anyway, the weld to our bracket has held and did it ever get a work out. Whitehorse to Dawson was no picnic but the Top of the World Highway from Dawson to Chicken, AK was REALLY rugged. Dawson City was fun except for our campground. We went to check into one but they had no vacancy, went next door and got the last 30amp campsite available. And we were glad to have it too. Very hot so it helped to have 30 amp electric so that we could run our AC and leave Colden in cool comfort when we were out. As you'll be able to tell from the pics I hope the "campground" was basically a flattened gold mine tailing, all rock with electric, water & sewer connections. The place was crowded to the point of overflow into the dry camping area-a place to park, no amenities. It seems that between the summer solstice celebration of the First People and the D2D motorcycle rally the place was packed. Who knew? Certainly, not us.

Anyway, we got a decent night's sleep and made the most of the next day...went to Dredge # 4, took a walking tour of the town with an interpreter, went up Dome Highway(360 views from the top), and went to Diamond Gertie's casino and dance hall that night. The dredge was amazing. How this thing worked was like a ship eating through the earth to extract the gold. This was done 100 years ago and the machinery had to be brought in from all over the world. The 22 cars which carried the gold containing dirt into the dredge weighed 2 tons each-empty! IT really was an amazing operation and explained the giant piles of stones all around Dawson...they're the tailings, the stuff that comes out of the back end of the dredge after the gold has been filtered out. Anyway, it was beyond cool.

I'll send more pics of Dawson tomorrow. Gotta go because my time is 'bout up.

Love to all,

Ingrid, Joe, Colden

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