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Hi Readers,

Brittany is a Celtic region in the west of France and has it's own language, Breton. Being Celtic it is linked with Scotland and Ireland, I need to ask Granny about the celts because she's one ( not the cutthroat celts!...) most rocks were pink granite only found in 3 other world (can't remember them now!). We went looking for Puffins with mum's binoculars but we didn't see any. The people that ran the gite that we stayed in we're Pauline and Simon with their 2 dogs Tea and Billow. They took me and my brothers on a big dog walk up to the Grand Rocher - a rock high overlooking the beaches. Simon had to carry John home on his shoulders. The accomodation was lovely. It had 3 bedrooms, a fireplace, and outside there were 3 sheds, one orchard,a games room and a pool.

We went to St Breuic markets; looking for a steam train ride in Paimpol - it was broken:( , looked for beaches, swam in the pool, watched Madagascar 3 in French and plaed in the Gardens. We met a boy a bit younger than me and his sister (older than Ethan) from England and I tried to speak as much English as I could, like calling soccer football....

This place was the best I have stayed at because there were 2 dogs to play with and lots to do.

From Fraser

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