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21st May, 2012:


Weather beautiful, warm, sunny.

Today we visit...

Grand bazaar in Istanbul: spent money, bought some clothes and a pendent. This Bazaar had plenty of shops and peddlers selling their goods. Wayne tried the local coffee, strong, hot but drinkable.

Looking forward to our next set of stops...

Anzac Cove, and Lone Pine Memorials:

Approaching the location the bus takes us along the European shore of the Sea of Marmara and heads westward to the Dardanelles. We stop to visit the WW1 battlefields on the Gallopoli (Gelibolu) peninsula where the ANZACs suffered heavy casualties in this disastrous campaign. Anzac Cemetery was the first stop. Yvonne and I had time to remember the fallen before we walked along the beach to the memorial area where they have the famous Dawn Service conducted from each year. It is hard to believe it is such a small area of land.

Next the Lone Pine Cemetery where once again we pay tribute to the heroes buried here. Time is always an issue when on tour and unfortunately we are on the bus again. Before leaving the area we are given time at the Turkish Memorial to remember the Turkish people who died protecting their country from invaders. Our Turkish guide was very good in the way he dissiminated historical facts and figures to the group consisting of mainly Aussies and Americans.

It was only a short ride south to the small coastal town of Eceabat where we are to catch the ferry for a trip across the Dardanelles to the Troy area for our overnight stay in Asia minor on the Aegean Sea. Well we arrive at the ferry terminal but the ferry is full so we have to wait until the next one arrives, in about an hours time. So what does one do in a small fishing village while waiting for a ferry? One finds the local bar and has a local beer. Time passes quickly that way. The ferry ride from Europe to Asia Minor is uneventful, but we do get to see the beautiful coastlines of both continents and the weather was glorious.

Due to our late arrival at our hotel,the Kolin Hotel, Canakkale, we really do not get time to appreciate all the features this 5 star hotel has to offer. But it certainly was luxurious from what we saw and most importantly had a very comfortable bed. It had been

a long day.

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