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Tonto Natural Bridge

we made it to the base!


We reached Payson, AZ, on Thursday - after an emergency trip to the vet for one of the dogs in Prescott. Rosie was having back pain and is now under meds for a bulging disk. Luckily, we packed all the current (home) vet info for both dogs! And our friends' vet in Prescott was wonderful. Anyway, back to Payson.

We are now traveling along the Mogollon Rim which is a portion of the massive Colorado Plataeu. Getting here along Rt. 260 meant the RV was mostly in down-shift, tow-drive and/or braking. Gary is doing a great job learning all the tricks for mountain road driving. I just want to get more practice on FLAT roads!

We toured Tonto Natural Bridge State Park yesterday. It's a great example of travertine bridge formations- over 180 feet tall with a width of 150 feet and a 400 feet length. That area has permanent water with a falls down from the bridge top, pools underneath and a stream. Something not often seen in AZ. We were all impressed with the ferns on the rocks and large crayfish in the pools. The hike down was steep and hot, but well worth it (even the trip back up!).

Today we headed to a fish hatchery, but had to turn around within 2 miles of our destination. All so that area was being blockaded due to a forest fire close by somewhere. We didn't see fire or smoke, but ran into a bus full of fire fighters unloading for lunch back in Payson. They all looked a bit tired; got to admire those men and women!

Well, tomorrow begins another step for this trip. I will be driving Josh and Jessie to the Phoenix airport and then heading back north to join Gary and the RV in our next location - Pinetop in the White Mountains on the Apache Reservation. We'll be at the Hon-Dah RV Park.

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