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Erdemli to Tasucu update

Thursday 21/6/12 Sirolo back to Ancona 26ks intense heat and busy traffic.

Woke up again at sunrise and the campground was silent. Aahh… enjoyed the peace unti l we heard a squadron of lawnmowers????...then from around the point of the bay came 10 fishing boats close to shore. We packed up intending to get away early but the heat was fierce already at 8am. We overheated just getting up the steep driveway up to the village. To avoid yesterday’s hills we took the very busy and narrow road at the base of the hills. It was fast riding but heavy traffic, now we know why the girl at the info centre didn’t recommend the road. Pete wanted to go back up into the hills, Nickie just wanted the fastest route back and to get out of the sun. Did the 26ks in 1hr 40mins, top speed of 48ks on one downhill!! We made for the train station for coffee and cold drinks. Pete sussed out the train schedule for Rome, but couldn’t get much info about what is needed to transport the bikes, whether they need to be packaged in some way. We were pleased to see the youth hostel open and sat there doing blog until we luckily got a room at 3.30pm. Back over to the trainstation and the busy queue for tickets. Nickie observed that people in the queue were stressed, anxiously looking up at the arrivals board, shouting into their cell phones and the ticket officers were not happy…and it was about 40C in there….mmm maybe not the best time to try to make ourselves understood….the young lady beside us explained that some trains were running late and people were missing connections. She was happy to translate for us to get our tickets from the harrassed ticketer. Phew!! We can go tomorrow at 8.25am or 1pm and the bikes will easily wheel into a 2nd class carriage, the journey takes about 5 hrs. We will likely get a connecting train out to the coastal airport and from there we can hopefully camp and await Christa’s arrival on the 26th. There are 4 other kiwis in the hostel, how nice to hear the NZ twang again. The Taupo couple are doing “bus about’ , they hop on hop off the buses that do a oneway set route through Europe. The other 2 girls are off to Croatia to sail a yacht with 9 other friends….we are envious. We found a big supermarket, and got some goodies from the deli section, parmiggano cheese, antipasto olives, mushrooms, artichokes, and baked eggplants/peppers with crusty gratin topping. Had this with crusty bread stick, salad and of course a cold beer. Delissimo.

No photos taken today, but we post the photos/newspaper article sent to us from the Tasucu reporters, we met in Turkey 4/6/12. Will have to get a translation. On the TV news we watched footage of the “heatwave”, ambulances rushing people to hospital, people standing in town water fountains, record crowds at beaches..its the hot Saharan winds blowing North. ..36C in Rome….and of course we couldn’t understand when/if that is going to change. Christa is going to find the 40C +++ temp difference a bit of a challenge. She posted photos of herself playing in the snow around her Riccarton flat, 2 weeks ago.

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