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Sirolo Village


archway at gate on old village walls.

Fantastic views

Pete walking back for his bike on very steep climb out of...


Hilltop villages

what a beach!!!

refuel stop.

view from cafe.

Great view from tentsite

too hot to need the tent outer shell.

Enjoying the shade

Travel size beach towels!

getting a tummy tan.

Cooling off!!

chilling out!!

Wednesday 20/6/12 Ancona to Sirolo 24ks very hot and hilly

Even the locals are complaining of the heat. We left the hostel later than we wanted, but we figured that 24 ks shouldn’t take long. We didn’t bank on the “rolling hills” to be more like mountains, climbing to 240m in about 6ks, great views though….then many ups and downs in the countryside…lovely to hear the birds. Many road cyclists looking very light and speedy in their lycra (and no baggage)passed us in the opposite direction, we exchanged waves, they must think we are crazy. The icecream and drinks at the top of the climb were well needed as we had finished all our water and we were feeling a bit wobbly. The temp was around 38C and no breeze. Sirolo is a very trendy, tidy little village on the tourist trail, on the edge of a natural Park. We made right for the camping ground and were given a site with “seaviews” that cost us an extra 5 euro. Total of 35 euro-ouch-about the same as the youth hostel last night. Tasks before swimming : were to handwash just about all our clothes and set up the tent. The beach is one of the best we have been to, small pebbles and sand, clear water, few people, no jetskiis, very little wave and NO RUBBISH, only a few ciggy butts. We have noticed less people smoking here, maybe Nickies cough will improve, less passive smoking for her. Its been fun to watch the 6-8 little boys camped around us, they are so active with their waterpistols and waterbombs that they like to throw over the railing down the cliffside from our campsite. This camp is very well equipped with pool, restaurant, market, it reminds me of the Eurocamp camps we toured in Europe in 1997. As I write this there is a kids talent quest happening, prior to that was a young ones danceathon . I was washing the dishes earlier and a familiar instrumental tune came on…..It took me a minute or two to recognise it as Danny Boy…well ..why not an Irish Ballad in an Italian campground, it just seemed a little out of place. 5pm we walked into the village for food and more money! We appreciate now how much further our money went in Turkey. The shops were just opening after the mid afternoon siesta time. Rice with sardines and a big salad and a cold beer, our usual camp meal. Pete is having an easier time with the MSR stove since he found white spirits in Greece, the Turkish kerosene and then petrol caused blockages.

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