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Ancona port

Ancona port

Getting our bearings-where to go??

Old city, Ancona

Peter and Alessandra

pizza for dinner

great pizza.

Gelato for dessert

Old city Ancona

Tuesday 19/6/12 onboard ferry to Ancona Italy, arrived 5pm

Our 24hr ferry trip went smoothly, nice to sit and relax. Not many passengers so we had peace and quiet. We put out our rollmats on the rear deck and slept OK, from about 11pm, after new passengers and vehicles came onboard at Corfu. Watched the sun rise again and the heat began almost immediately. Nickie did a lot of reading on her e=book. Pete did his reading on his phone. We didn’t have time to buy extra food before we got aboard, but we made our own version of Bahklava, leftover tortilla wraps filled with runny honey and the last of the salted nuts..yummy!!

Ancona is a fairly small port and we easily found the youth hostel less than a km away. It is about 200m up a very steep slippery smooth cobbled street. Nickie couldn’t get purchase with her cleated shoes to push her bike up, so shoes off and she walked up in socks , the old couple watching were amused. We met up with Alessandra (echange student to Ohope last year) for pizza and Gelato in the centrum. We walked a few street and the buildings look very old but well kept. She could only stay a short while as she has a big exam tomorrow. Hopefully we will meet her family on Thursday and then will take the train to Rome, Friday.

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