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Hi, Friends,

Back again. As the today's title says we only saw one critter today, a porcupine, no less. Early on we passed sections of the highway where people had "written" initials, messages or drawings in the banks along the highway. There were major washouts in several areas...reminding us of last year's flooding in Keene and Keene Valley! We have learned to respect the rough sections of the road and the loose gravel signs. We got good gas milage today, more level areas and got to our campground by 1:45. GOOD THING!

We were debating whether to unhook and go into Whitehorse or just stay hooked up and do grocery shopping in Dawson City tomorrow. Well we unhooked. Good thing we did. Joe discovered that the bracket holding on the stablizer bar onto the trailer had broken. NOT GOOD. Thank goodness though, our campground recommended a wonderfully knowledgeable woman at an RV center just down the road. She did not have the part and her welder was out sick. She called one of her suppliers for us and found out that the whole unit is under warranty, that's GOOD! Even though they have flights into Whitehorse from either Calgary or Vancouver daily, it would take 3 weeks to special order the part. NOT GOOD! THEN...she called the manufacturer. The person there said that he could arrange for the part to be sent to Fairbanks if we could give him an address and in the meantime we should get the part welded. So, Mary Anne, the RV Center lady, called her buddy at a local welder and yes we did get it welded. GOOOOODDDD!

So we're calling the manufacturer back tomorrow, with a campground in Fairbanks and the approximate date we'll arrive about 5 days or so. Next we're theorizing that the weld is probably stronger than the original and will get us to Dawson City, over the Top of the World Highway, to Tok and then up to Fairbanks. We'll keep you posted. Right now, Happy Summer, it's 10:45 pm here and looks like about 5:00 on a nice summer night at home.

We're back on the Highway tomorrow. Hope you're having as much fun and as many adventures as we are.

Love to all,

Joe, Colden and Ingrid

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