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Knowing that our friends, Mike & Marian, would be here today, motivated us to get up and out this morning.

We enjoyed the early morning stillness as we sat under the pines sipping our coffee.

It was already 75 degrees at 6:30 this morning so we knew it would be a hot one!

The gusty breeze kept us comfortable and we lingered outdoors even after the coffee was finished off.

We spotted five deer, one of them drinking water from the large pan we have under one of our trees.

We finally felt compelled to go inside, clean the rig, and get our showers.

We drove into Canon City so Marilyn could weigh in at the WW meeting, which took her only a few minutes. She was delighted at the results because she lost 2.2 pounds. Can you see her doing the Happy Dance?

We finished our trip to town by picking up groceries at WalMart.

The two $50 rebate cards from AT&T came in handy as I spent both of them on food products.

On the way back to the resort we passed Jesse who was also on his way back with a load of water.

The outdoor temp reached the upper 90’s in the afternoon so we talked it over with our friends and decided to delay the cookout until tomorrow when the high temp is supposed to be a more normal 78 degrees.

This evening we decided to go eat Chinese food in Florence, CO.

Bob & Janet rode with Jesse & Ginger while Mike & Marian rode with us. We followed Jesse in the lead car and drove right to the Jade Café in Florence.

We all had a good time visiting and laughing together. The food was good also and we lingered after the meal was over, continuing to chat with each other.

We took a scenic route back to the resort and our friends were ready for some quiet time. They had driven about 350 miles today so we bid them a good night.

Tomorrow we have more plans for time with friends.

Yep, Life is Good!

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