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Where we are going to spend our day

The open road

A few of the hundreds and hundreds of windmills

Oil derricks are found all over the farmland

Now picture this all the way around you for miles and miles...

The setting sun


Pastel skies

Self explanatory

Happy Father's Day!!!! We took it a little easy today. We hung out at our hotel until we had to check out at noon. Today was spent driving across Missouri and Kansas. The highlight of the day was traveling across Kansas...all the way across....all 421 miles of it. And yes, it was a highlight. It was absolutely beautiful! Yeah, it was pretty much all sparsely populated farmland but you have to see it. Just rolling hills as far as the eye can see and in the more western part of the state flat, flat, flat farmland as far as the eye can see. In some places it looks as if the earth just ends at the horizon. We drove through some windfarms with 300' foot windmills as far as the eye could see. We took the mileage and we were 18 miles away from the windmills when we first noticed them - and the visibility was reduced because of the hazy skies. I took a few pictures in Kansas but honestly they don't do the landscape justice. The sunset was breathtaking - Jason Aldean's description of a Kansas sunset is spot on - definitely not a fly over state. We finally rolled in to Burlington, Colorado (just over the border) at 10:30 (we gained another hour) and checked into the Comfort Inn. Strange how everything is so flat and yet our elevation was climbing all day - we are now at 4,000 ft. Tomorrow we head to Colorado Springs to check out the Garden of the Gods.

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