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Old Sacramento Zoo

Sifaka lemur

A new style!

He was playing with these buckets

He loved batting the buckets with his head


A big boy!

Pretty pelican


Draw bridge of the Sacramento River

We are in vineyard country

Oakley, CA. The Sacramento Zoo opened on June 2, 1927 with 40 animals. Today the zoo is 14.3 acres and has 609 animals on site. It is a nice little zoo - well-shaded, attractive, and home to a couple of animals that were new to us. We especially enjoyed the antics of one of the giraffes who had a marvelous time batting a couple of hanging barrels with his head. He was still at it when we left. We also encountered a form of lemur we had never seen before. It is called a Sifaka. They don't get around in the same way that other lemurs do. Sifakas remain upright, and they leap quickly from tree to tree by jumping with their powerful hind legs. In this way, they clear distances of over 30 feet. They can also move quickly on the ground, which they do using a two-legged sideways hop, looking rather like a kangaroo when they do. We spent the entire morning at the zoo, enjoying it in a leisurely manner. Then we headed down Highway 160 which, naturally, is a less than direct route to our destination of Oakley, CA. Highway 160 follows along the Sacramento River for most of its length. We went over several immense draw bridges and past many vineyards. There were a number of fruit stands open along the road so we were able to get some fresh fruit. We then spent the evening in the delightful company of Jim's former co-worker Karen Williams and her husband Steve. It was a great evening that we really enjoyed.

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