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Marilyn & I had a busy day today. Marilyn wanted to go to a WW meeting to weigh in for the month. She looked on the internet and decided that we could go to Canon City for that WW meeting and then we could have some lunch before shopping for some needed groceries.

We had the RV cleaned and all chores finished, when I jumped into the shower.

That was when Jesse stopped by to see if I wanted to ride with him to pick up a load of water for the campground. All of the water for the RV Park here is hauled in from Canon City, about 27 miles away. That makes it imperative to conserve water here.

In any case I do want to ride along with Jesse one of these days.

Marilyn & I left in time for Marilyn to make a 12:00 noon WW meeting and we met Jesse returning from his water run.

We arrived at the hotel and I let Marilyn out to go weigh while I waited in the truck.

She returned as I finished parking the truck. Guess what! The meeting is on Tuesday, NOT Thursday! Bummer!

No matter because we needed to pick up some groceries anyway, so we drove to Chili’s for some lunch before making WalMart the final stop.

We enjoyed a good lunch. I sure liked the Loaded Baked Potato Soup, and the chips & salsa are really tasty too!

We spent quite a bit of time at WalMart but found everything we had on our list.

Back at the RV we put things away and turned the A/C on to cool off.

The temperature in Canon City was 93 degrees but it was only 86 back on the mountain.

Marilyn & I noticed a real weather oddity today and that was the haze which limited visibility by quite a bit. The mountains which are normally bright and clear, were obscured by a haze, that we have not seen in the past five years while we have been here.

Bob & Janet arrive here tomorrow, Mike & Marian arrive next Tuesday, Tom & Berni arrive on July 2nd, and Steve & Cathy will arrive on July 22nd.

Let the Good Times Roll!

Life is Good!

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