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Gorge: notice the tunnel. Very pretty little gorge.

In-N-Out Burgers, Salt Lake City

Note the cab is on the left, under the "pouring" end -different...

We both had a good night’s sleep in Moab, breakfasted at the hotel and left by 9.00am. We were a bit later than usual as I’d been sussing out hotels for the next couple of nights. We’d decided to stay in Logan, Utah, tonight. I did some research on hotels but the first two or three I phoned were full. Finally I found a room at the Best Western Weston, so I keyed that into Hilda 1 while Hamish filled the car with gas and washed the windscreen.

It was a fairly uneventful trip heading north to Salt Lake City. We were on roads we’d not been on before all day. We reached the I-70 and headed west for a bit, then turned onto Highway 6 and headed north. It was a very barren desolate road to start with, with several petrol stations or diners closed up – it’s quite sad thinking of the people whose lives have been changed by changing times.

Later on we climbed up through a rocky mountain and went through a lovely little gorge with a rocky stream with railway lines running parallel.

It seems like it’s a big coal producing area, hence all the trains with coal wagons. At one stage we passed an electricity plant – Hamish thought it was a coal fired plant, but I thought it was nuclear as it had the cooling funnels. A quick google showed Hamish to be right.

We reached Salt Lake City at lunchtime and found an In-N-Out burger place. We hadn’t had one this trip, so it was over a year since we’d had one. We’d forgotten how good they tasted, with their freshly cut lettuce and tomatoes. We watched them in the kitchen while we ate. I enjoyed watching them put the whole peeled potoatoes into a machine, pull the handle, and have a bundle of chips fall down. Hamish let me buy another t-shirt, a Utah In-N-Out burger shirt, as it was a new one from last year.

After lunch we headed for Salt Lake Motorsports, the Ducati shop. Cate and Ricardo were pleased to see us – poor Cate had a little “off” on her 695 on Monday, so was a bit sore and had a bandaged elbow. Ricardo showed us a photo of Carlos Checa doing a victory lap with the flag he’d given him after he’d won Race 1 at Miller – different to last year when Ricardo tried to give him the flag and he’d fallen off in the mud! It was lovely to see them again.

We left there mid afternoon and headed towards Logan, where we were staying the night. We found the motel, it’s very handy as it’s right next door to Burger King – guess what’s for tea! It’s a brand new motel, in fact it’s still being finished off. They are nice rooms and a very efficient air conditioning system – it was about 86 degrees today.

Take a look at the photo of the concrete mixer – they go the other way around here – the cab driver is under the “pouring” end.

Off to get tea organized now!!

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