We had to go back to see the wildlife behind the lighthouse...

It was a good day for seals, they were all over the...


On the rocks...

Are you looking at me? :-)

I bet this one was snoring.. :-)

They were all over, swimming and playing..

Two of them kept fighting...

My favorite shot of the seals

Mom & Pup

Mom was huge..

She made him look tiny..

Back view

Loved this side view

The Discovery Whale Watching boat way off..

Jerry could see the whale near the boat with binoculars..


Every spot on the rocks covered with birds..



Some have a beautiful blue color


Back to the watching the seals, it was hard to choose where...


Our last stop was Perpetua Cape for this awesome view...


Looking down..


Last one!

We had to go back for one more wildlife visit before leaving this stunning area. If you are looking to see whales, birds, seals and more, don't miss the Yaquina Head Lighthouse area.

The rocks behind the lighthouse are filled to overflowing with birds. We saw some today that had a beautiful blue color. They seemed to be spread out about 20 feet apart with nesting sites. Two of them were doing a mating dance, and had females on the nest. It was awesome to watch.

We also saw hundreds of seals playing in the water, mostly smaller pups with moms mixed in now and then.

After watching all the wildlife action, we went back for one more view of Cape Perpetua. You drive up really high to a viewing area that shows the roads and ocean below. Don't miss this area when visiting Newport. It is incredible!

We will be leaving in the morning, heading to the Washington coast. Check back later for more from Washington.

Update: The birds with the blue are Brandt's Cormorants.


General Description: Brandt's Cormorants (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) are glossy black, diving birds with a long, thin neck and a long, thin, hooked bill. In breeding plumage, the throat pouch turns blue, and there is a patch of buffy feathers on the chin.

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