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First stop...somewhere between Buffalo and Gillette Wy

First Stop...Roland's best "You are Here" pose

Red roads...because of the clay in the hills or to see in...

Grate...used to keep the cattle from using I-90 for communting

Moorcroft Wy..last stop before South Dakota.

Moor on Moorcroft....*snickers*

South Dakota..I thought the hills were suppose to be black?

Just east of Sturgis South Dakota

Makin friendly with Crazy Horse and the Prez's..

Think I fit in?

Kadota South Dakota...Gateway to the Badlands..I can see why

Day 4...So far we have travelled a total of 1,355 miles and have traversed 4 states. Still have 4 more states to go til we hit Ohio. So we are averaging almost 340 miles a day.

Wyoming is pretty ...lots of green rolling hills but a lot of clay in the dirt. I think that is why the roads are red..either that or they need to know where the roads are when they are covered with snow...*shrugs*

Our first didn't seem to have a name. Just a spot halfway between Buffalo and Gillette Wyoming. Not much at this spot..but it was finally nice out. About 60 and little wind. Blue sky..very nice...

Rose got kind of tired after a few hours and pulled off an exit. You can see by the picture that here they use grates to keep the cattle from entering the roadways...guess that is one way to keep traffic at a if we can adapt this for stupid people..not sure.. ANYHOOO....Papa got to drive for a half hour while Rose took a mini power nap. Not that she got much of a nap since Nana was extremely paranoid while he drove. However, papa was a much happier camper ( pun intended ) after being allowed to drive..hehehe

Our official second stop was in a place called Sundance. This was a nice rest stop too..I think Sharon would remember this place..they had great doughnuts here the last time..or so I am told..but they didn't have any this time..bummer! Here there is a plaque about Custard and the Black Hills plus another pic with some info on Crook county..if your interested...

Couple miles or so later we entered South Dakota..the hills here are made of red clay you can see on the next picture..I always thought they were called the Black hills..but maybe that's because there are sooooo much cattle on the hills that when they all get together to commute they make the hills look black..teeheeheee

Our first stop in South Dakota is in a place just east of Sturgis...just a little known area where a few motorcyclists gather every August...this year its Aug 9th to the 15th or so....hmm..perchance a revisit here would be worth it never know. We didn't get a chance to stop in Sturgis...papa in kind of a hurry to get to Dayton..but promises we can hit this place on the way back. I might be able to score a leather jacket maybe??? *glances at Rose and winks* When inside the rest area place there is a couple of really cool ole ladies that were really excited to see me, Basil and Esmeralda. She thought I was really cute and gave me a cool button for my shirt! I also got to have my pic taken with Crazy Horse and the Pres's....sooo neat...

The last stop we made before we stopped for the night was at a place called Kadoka. This is the "Gateway to the Badlands" however, we came in the back we exiting the Gateway..instead of entering..that would mean we would have to be heading west...

Here I got to have my mug taken with the Pres's...sooo cool..think I fit in??? I do..hehehe...As we left this rest area, I snapped this pic of Basil and can see the trees out there..that's prolly why they call them the Badlands....ya think??

Anyhooo...we stopped for the night in Belvidere South Dakota...also called the 1880's town. This is an awesome place!!! They have a really cool dog heaven..which is a dog run where Coco and Owen get to run off leash!! They are soo happy about that.. Oh..and a famous movie was filmed here too.."Dances with Wolves" seen it??

Tomorrow we off to Rock Island Ill. And as Wind In His Hair says... "We will shoot some arrows into the white man. If he truly has medicine, he will not be hurt. If he has no medicine, he will be dead." LOL...Cheers!

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