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With friends across the country suffering from the triple digit heat or flooding from rain, we felt a bit guilty this morning.

We sat indoors with our coffee. We had the fireplace on to take away the chill, Marilyn had a blanket around her feet, even though she wore a sweatshirt too. We sleep with the window open and it gets a bit cool by morning.

The high temperature today was forecast to only reach the upper 70’s, the sky was clear and it was yet another awesome day.

After the coffee was finished we headed into Canon City to pick up a prescription and a few other things from WalMart.

After leaving the resort we saw a deer calmly eating shrubs, at the edge of the road. I stopped a car going the other direction and warned them of the deer. We sure didn’t need any smashed up vehicles.

Ironically enough the deer was still near that same location when we returned and this time she ran across the road in front of us.

I was going pretty slow and we saw her in plenty of time so it wasn’t even a close call.

My prescription had expired on May 10th so it took several calls to get things squared away. The folks in the pharmacy were very helpful though and it all worked out.

We grabbed a sandwich from “Subway” and made it back to the RV resort a bit after 12 noon.

Marilyn read her book and then researched a recipe for a vegetable casserole.

I watched the military channel for awhile, read e-mails, and worked on this journal entry. They broadcast the “Enola Gay” story on the Military Channel which reminded me of the time I met General Paul Tibbets at a Seminar sponsored by Eastern Airlines and Flight Safety, Intl, in Orlando. He spoke easily to fellow pilots and told me he had once lived in Quincy, Il, which was just across the river from Hannibal, MO.

I will always consider it an honor to have met and talked with this brave man.

I had an e-mail from Ginger letting us know that our new propane sliding tray had arrived and said she would bring it up to us in the Rhino once she got off work.

Tonight was to be a simple dinner and then we would watch some TV before going off to bed for a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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