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Tony the tiger in Brazil

Picture from the Beach Apartment

Doug was so happy to get his surprise.

Doug and Leonardo trying to get the largest condom ever off the...

Mark and Doug in the typical humorous way - it think it...

Mark and Dad ready to go

Doug practicing before you goes out into the big ocean!

The Braizilian Flag

Traffic in McDonalds - there were a least under 25 cars lined...

Dr. Feet does it again.

It is Monday and getting ready to leave the ocean to head to Sao Paulo to take Mark back to the airport. We had a lot of laughs while he was here. He and Leonardo did a great job surprising Doug for Father's Day with the Long board. Funny story I didn't know how much was in my Brazilian bank account, so I gave Mark my card to have him go with Leonardo to the bank to check the balance. We had plenty of money to buy the board. They went to the store and found out they could only charge so much at a time on the card for the first time, so our Logistic Engineer came through for us and put the rest on his card. THANK YOU SO MUCH LEONARDO. What a guy so the long board was purchased. The biggest surprise was having Mark and Leonardo carried the board up 15 flights of stairs - THEY ARE CRAZY.... and their looks on their faces when they arrived to the apartment was priceless - I think both we dripping with sweat! LOL Doug loved the board and can't wait to use it in the ocean, he then thinks he can bringing it home to use on the Putt Vacation in 3 years. Little does he know we will be using it for bar at the sand bar for our drinks and snacks! We sure had a lot of laughs with the largest condom, tube sock covering that board. Take a look at the pictures...LOL. Then it was to the mall in Santos - taking a little ride on the fairy boat to get to the mall. It was Sunday night at 7:00 p.m and the mall was packed. We headed to Dr. Feet so Mark and Doug could have beautiful feet on vacation. A big job for those ladies. They both came out smiling. I don't know what that means. Then off to a Brazilian BBQ, the first time for Mark - I think he ate so much he was going to explode. The best was when dad talked him into eating a grilled chicken heart. You should have seen Mark face.... all he could think of was the chicken heart beating. It was too funny. Then on the ride home we had a great time laughing about all the funny childhood memories, which gave me an idea to collect from all 3 kids and Doug and put in a book. What a great week-end. Safe Travels for Mark home and see everyone in 2 weeks.

Have a great week.

Doug, Lori, Mark

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