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Saturday 9/6/12 Antalya 45kms

Wow it feels like the tent is a sauna at 7.30am. We move it round to some shade to pack up. Our host is sitting at the door of his caravan sorting through huge piles of papers, he screws them up and throws them out the door on the ground and then he sets fire to them!! Barely 5 mins later a police officer drives up, the host takes him to the caravan and presents him with some papers. Interesting, wonder what evidence he burned?. 150m , from camp we ride into a municipal picnic area, not many people, a good spot to think about what to do. We look for a place to put the bikes and we are greetedby a guy in a fenced off area. We meet Cokcun who is a security guard for NATO, his job is to supervise the onshore loading of benzene from the ships to the tanks. He has no English but we understand he offers us some chai. Somehow he and Pete come up with the plan that Cokcun will leave the gate unlocked for us at 8pm tonight so that we can camp on the beach but we must be gone by 5am. They are chuckling at their cleverness, Nickie is concerned about Cokcun losing his job or us being moved on by security in the middle of the night. The beach is securely fenced off and the guards check that everyone is off the beach before the gates are locked. We swim and lunch, then decide to use Garmin to find the other campgrounds in town. What a wild goosechase!! More at risk biking on the city streets, even the bike pathways on the footpaths are hazardous with cars parking on them, and people everywhere. 1hr later we are “deadended” in the narrow commercial old town streets looking for Sarisu Camping. Nickie asks a shop owner who does a computer search, it seems that place is where we stayed last night, some 15ks from here!! Weird. So we carryon another 3 ks in chaotic traffic to “Camping Caddessi”, which is a canvas/awning business!! Other “camp” areas are 30ks away. We think that the seafront would be a relaxing ride back to last nights camp, …haha…not exactly as we somehow detour through the old part of town, so many people and roads choked with cars. We risk riding on the tramways but at least we can make some progress. Around 7pm we return to the area we know. We buy food from a Market and the the guy says “no problem” tp us camping behind his store in a playground area with toilets alongside. We feel relieved that no harm came to us today, we had some close calls in traffic. Pleasant temperature now and nice to watch kids play as we eat. 10pm we ring Christa for her 21st birthday, only 2 weeks now we will see her in Rome!! Not a restful night though, at 12.30am and then at 4am groups of people use the exercise equipment..what?? Pete was “on alert” all night. Think we will get an Otel by the Otogar tonight, ready for our bus trip at 9.30am

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