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Gully and Kings in Tongan school


The boys learn 'This Old Man"

Blowholes spurt for camera

Tongan taxi sellotape deathtrap horror!

We went to the Royal Sunset Resort, a hotel on a tiny island just off the coast near the capital, Nuku'alufa. It is very pleasant but feels rather constricting as the island is so small and has no email contact. We have a morning in the capital and have just found a cafe for a brief snatch of contact with the outside world. You cannot even get international papers here.

I have uploaded a few piccies of our trip to the island school. We enrolled Gully and Kings for a morning. They helped the class of 6-8 year olds learn "This Old Man". The song has poor rhymes, nonsense words(knick-knack paddy whack, anyone?) and concerns an annoying old drunk who likes to hit things. Is this the sort of thing we should be teaching impressionable young Tongan minds? They were very friendly and Kings and Gully enjoyed playing Rugby at playtime so much they arranged a rematch. Unfortunately their inconsiderate parents dragged them back to the capital.

However we did see blowholes which were cool. The water has hollowed out small caves with holes in the top. At high tide, it spurts geyser-like all down one of the bays on the north coast. A 30$ (10 pound sterling) taxi ride that was money well spent. Hopefully the money will go towards the taxi's upkeep (see photos).

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