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Still no pictures.... I think I'm getting too old to put on this many miles per day and still get pictures taken! ha

P has been working like mad on structural things that were started and not finished... I've been doing the spring cleaning that Jodi wouldn't have time to do in a hundred years! Working... two teenagers... master's thesis. Ouch

Sure fun to be able to help a bit.

Sunday is the party and we decided on a buffet... meatball w/Italian rice, cold poached salmon w/creamy lime/dijon mustard sauce, crab legs and the fixin's. Plus the salads, etc. There may not be any pictures on here for another few days! Wish me luck!

Really is fun to be able to spend some time with Zach & Janaya again. Lots going on in their lives now ...

Hope all is well with everyone! God Bless!

P & E

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